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Our 4iHelp® business consultation service enables you to model, measure and optimize your customer service operation.

Our 4iHelp®service includes access to our suite of customer service best practices, a forum to exchange expert opinions and a self-service questionnaire designed to elicit key success information from each member of your team.

The general best practice information provided, and your business-specific information that is generated by the questionnaire, will help you determine the effectiveness of your customer service operation. All members of your team can complete the questionnaire within 30 minutes then you will receive recommendations to improve or correct your best practices. Administering this self-service questionnaire periodically is like measuring a patient’s vital signs. It enables you to monitor and control the health of your customer service operation then take proactive corrective actions before a negative trend degrades into a show stopping issue.

You can also create your own questionnaires or edit an existing questionnaire to better match the specific characteristics of your organization’s unique customer service operation.

Our 4iHelp® service includes a suite of self-service questionnaires and related services available on the 6SigmaPM® website.

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